Monday, December 12, 2005

Caroline Danforth

The temptation to disregard the symptoms was great, as long as they were quiet. Once they grew louder, and impossible to ignore, we had a diagnosis that required immediate attention: primary peritoneal carcinoma, stage four. From chemotherapy to major surgery, my mother Ute endured eight emotionally charged months, with more victories than we ever could have expected. I went to every treatment, absorbing everything, trying to be strong, as my mother continues to be. My mother is now in total remission and our joy and disbelief is indescribable.These small paintings are one outlet I have found to begin to process what my mother endured during chemotherapy. The plant I have depicted is called Tear Thumb, an invasive plant that grows prolifically in one of our beloved regional parks. It is invasive, fast growing, mysterious, and a symbol of my mother’s illness and her response, which has strengthened and inspired us all.

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